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Yeah man resellers are killing the culture they buy 10-20 pair just to nake a qick buck and fans like us could never cop. The bots and all are just to advanced nowadays. At this point I would not even mind if people go for the fakes or as they say 'UNAUTHORIZED AUTHENTICS


I bought fake Yeezys for and sold them on eBay for 0. Lmfao


Bro if you can't afford real j's then buy cheaper shoes, don't buy fakes bruh you'll just get clowned for it and it's sad


What's interesting about those fake yeezy 1s with the Jordan 6 midsole and outsole is that there was a yeezy 1 prototype that had a jordan 6 midsole and outsole when they were fooling around with designs. It's rumored that only about 3 pairs were made


Your cheap as hell Jordans cost 190 to 220 in America and those Jordans are sold out until they release them again that means they would probably be double the price. if they are real it wasn't a bad price and how do you know their fake anyway.they look real to me and I'm a sneakerhead


Those shoes look obviously fake bruh use a Yeezy


EddyGraphic human art compared to a machine and cheap labor. Fake allows people in China to afford cheap shoesBut at the same time selling them like they are real is bad
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