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On September 9th, the Diocese posted an announcement about the Governing Body of the School onto its website. This prompted the attached letter.
Parent Governor Response to Diocesan Press Release 10 Sep 2011

Professor Gormally argues that there is no canonical or theological for the Archbishop​'s use of his authority to enforce the WDES education policy towards the Vaughan in a letter to the Archbishop.
Professor Gormally letter to the Archbishop.pdf - posted 16th August 2011.

Lord Lexden put forward proposals to end the Vaughan dispute in an open letter to the Archbishop.
Lord Lexden letter to the Archbishop.pdf - posted 11th August 2011.

Following the recent meeting with Governors of 11th July we issued the following report:
Statement on the Parents meeting with Governors 11th July 2011.

This is an excellent talk on Catholic education which was given by one of our distinguished Patrons, Professor Booth, in June 2011.
Catholic social teaching and education policy June 2011.

This is a letter which we was sent to parents and friends in June 2011.
Letter from Mrs Anna Brown June 2011.

Following the appointment of a new Foundation Governor to replace Fr Michael Johnston we issued a press release.
Press release - posted 16th May 2011.

The Parent Governors explain their decision to seek permission to appeal from the Supreme court.
PG Appeal to Supreme Court - posted 14th May 2011.

Following the apparent apology from Mgr Curry which is reported in the Catholic press this weekend, we have written the following letter.
Letter about Mgr Curry - posted 17th April 2011.

Following the handing down of the judgment of the Court of Appeal we issued this press release
First press release of 14th April 2011.

The Diocese then posted an inaccurate statement on their website and we then issued a further press release
Second press release of 14th April 2011.

Following unsavoury scenes at the end of our Vigil on 6th April 2011, we wrote the following letter to Archbishop Vincent Nichols.
Letter to Archbishop Vincent Nichols - posted 8th April 2011.

The Archbishop replied by email to the above letter on the 13th April and wrote:

Dear Mrs Brown
Thank you for your letter of 8 April.
It contains a report of events as witnessed from a distance and from outside the building. It is therefore of limited value.
I understand that the Governing Body, despite distraction and noise disturbance, was able to continue with its business.
Could I assure you that the questions put to me by parents have been answered in replies sent on my behalf. Indeed the reply has been made public and is accessible to everybody.
Thank you for writing to me.
XVincent Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster

Here is a talk on the dispute between CVMS and the Diocese by Sir Adrian FitzGerald, former Chairman of Governors. This talk was first given to the Order of Malta on 25th January 2011 and repeated to parents on March 8th 2011. Sir Adrian was Chairman of Governors at CVMS for four years is now the local authority representative on the Governing Body.
A talk on the dispute between CVMS and the Diocese by Sir Adrian FitzGerald, former Chairman of Governors - posted 26th March 2011

On 23rd March 2011 we wrote this letter to Parish Priests throughout the Dioceses of Westminster and Southwark
Letter to Parish Priests - posted 23rd March 2011.

For those who are new to this dispute the following two documents provide a useful background:
Background to the current dispute - posted 23rd December 2010.
Conflict questions and answers - posted 4th January 2011

Here is Mr Gormally's letter to the Archbishop:
Mr Gormally's letter to the Archbishop - posted 21st December 2010

Sir Adrian Fitzgerald is the former Chairman of Cardinal Vaughan's Governing Body and is now the current Local Education Authority governor. Here is his letter to the Archbishop:
Sir Adrian Fitzgerald's letter to the Archbishop - posted 4th January 2011

Here is a summary and full response to Bishop Stack's letter on 10th February on the Diocesan view of the role of Foundation Governors:
Summary response to Bishop Stack - posted 17th February 2011
Response to Bishop Stack - posted 16th February 2011

Here are other documents that we have published:
Questions for Archbishop Vincent Nichols - posted 28th December 2010
Letter from the Vaughan Parents' Action Group - posted 7th January 2011
Headmaster appointment letter - posted 27th January 2011
Mr Gormally's letter to parents - posted 31st January 2011
Response to Archbishop's statement of February 2nd 2011 - posted 14th February 2011